Friday, 12 January 2018

Essays in Honour of O. Palmer Robertson: The Hope Fulfilled

This book is a Festschrift. This means a collection of essays in honour of a scholar and this one is for O. Palmer Robertson. To be frank, the quality of theological Festschrift's can vary and sometimes be uneven in quality, not so this one. It is one of the most satisfying reads I have enjoyed for a while. I almost wrote that it is one of the most satisfying reads this year, but concerning that it is only early January 2018, it would not be a strong comment.

Different people enjoy reading different material. O. Palmer is renowned for his commitment to preaching, Reformed Theology, the Westminster Standards, Christ centred exegesis, world missions and other matters. These essays focus on these subjects. Richard B. Gaffin expounds Luke 24 and that of Christ in the Old Testament in the New Testament. Chad Van Dixhoorn has a great essay on 17th Century preaching and currently I am reading an essay by J.Knox Chamblin on "The Prophecy of Zechariah in Matthew's Passion Narrative".

It is good to stand for truth, but in doing so we must also stand against error. O. Palmer had to stand against the false teaching of the theology of Norman Shepherd in the 70's and 80's at Westminster Theological Seminary. The influence of Norman Shepherd's teaching still prevails today and this essay by Guy Prentiss Waters will help readers to be aware of currents of false teaching, especially in the Reformed world.

Take and read this book!

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