Sunday 23 November 2008

Preaching Feedback Form

Preaching Feedback: Did I preach a sermon that people will never forget?

1. The Importance of a Single Idea

· Was an unforgettable title used?
· Did the title communicate a single idea and did this shine through the whole sermon?
· Did the chosen text/passage fit with the intention of the single idea that was preached? Was the text relevant to the subject?

2. The Intended Meaning of the Text

· Was the wider context of the passage and its setting in relation to redemptive history made clear?
· Was the context of the passage given in relation to the rest of the book that it came from? Did the preacher understand the literary style of the book? Was the historical context and purpose of the book explained?
· Were other parts of Scripture understood in relation to the passage used (analogy of faith)?

3. A Clear Sermon Structure

· Was a natural and unforced structure used? Did it flow from the chosen text?
· How many points were used?
· Were clear headings used for each point? Did they harmonise with the title? Did you remember the points used?

4. Doctrines, Illustrations and Application

· Were doctrines correctly labelled and explained?
· Were easily understood and relevant, Biblical or contemporary Illustrations made for each point?
· Did the applications that were used for each point communicate a non-fuzzy way for putting the truths into action in real life?

5. Sermon Delivery: Connecting with your Audience

· Was your speech and delivery clear?
· Were your explanations simple? Could a ten year old child understand your sermon?
· Did you connect with your audience all the way through the sermon?

Thank you: Kevin Bidwell

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