Thursday, 22 July 2010

Some Suggested Books for Reading Over the Summer

Here are four books for suggested reading. They have blessed me and often the summer is a time of the year when people are able to find some extra time for personal and devotional reading.

Book One: Recovering the Reformed Confession by R. Scott Clark
This book was one of my favourite books in 2009. The author is incisive in pinpointing a contemporary church illness; the neglect of reformed confessions. Challenging and stimulating, but it needs concentration.

Book Two: The Bruised Reed by Richard Sibbes
This book is intensely pastoral and it may help those who have been bruised or for those who are helping those Christians who are bruised. Richard Sibbes 'never wastes the student's time' wrote C. H. Spurgeon, 'he scatters pearls and diamonds with both hands'.

Book Three: The Worship of God: Reformed Concepts of Worship (published by Christian Focus)

This book was another one of my favourite books in 2009. It has a range of contributors who each explain different facets of the regulative principle of worship. Some authors do not agree with each other on every point but this makes the book all the more stimulating. It will help many, but especially those who need a clearer vision of biblical worship.

Book Four: The Westminster Assembly by Robert Letham

This book combines church history, British history and theology magnificently. Maybe I am biased because Dr Letham was my supervisor for my MTh dissertation and my PhD. None the less this book is valuable and it uncovers the richness of the much neglected Westminster theology of the Westminster divines from the seventeenth century.

Happy summer reading!

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