Monday 8 November 2010

Paying Tribute to a Living Preacher: Professor Ted Donnelly

It is a delight for me to write this article, in the hope that our own generation would rediscover the enormous significance of preachers and preaching for the true welfare of God's church. Calvin wrote many years ago that 'nothing is more ruinous to the Church than for God to take away faithful pastors' (Jer. I: 181). It is also true that a godly pastor must also be a preacher, one who can feed the flock of God and evangelise the lost. Sometimes people say that a man is a good pastor but he cannot preach. This kind of thinking is not the biblical pattern for the office of pastor. A pastor must be able to preach and teach!

One such living example of outstanding pastoral preaching is Professor Edward (Ted) Donnelly. While he has written two fine books, both published by the Banner of Truth Trust (Peter: Eyewitness of His Majesty and Biblical Teaching on the Doctrines of Heaven and Hell), he is best known as a preacher. I have had the joy of hearing him on a number of different occasions and in my opinion he is a 'modern day Spurgeon'. Naturally he has his own distinctive style but there is a great sense of being brought in to the presence of God when one sit's under his preaching. Many of his sermons are available on Sermon Audio:

If you are in Northern Ireland then make every effort to visit Trinity Reformed Presbyterian Church to hear him in person and to worship with their delightful congregation. The church website is:

Above all, let us pray for a recovery of fine pastoral preaching in our own generation!

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smward007 said...

My Dearest Brother Kevin,

Grace, mercy and peace to you, your family, and the members of the Lords church you oversee, from God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior.

Thank you for the awesome book recommendations my brother. I just finished Edward Donnellys' book, Biblical Teaching on the Doctrines of Heaven and Hell, and I must say, it is one of the best teachings on heaven and hell I have ever read. Very, very richly painted with the word of God so the reader see's and receives a better picture as to what heaven and hell really is, and how it's going to be for those who go to one or the other. I have read many books on heaven and hell, mostly from Charismatic authors, and Donnellys' book by far, is much better.

Thank you again for the recommendations, and may the Lords grace be with you and the brethren.

Love in Christ,

Brother Stephen