Friday 10 December 2010

Some Suggested Books for Christmas Presents

The time is drawing near when many of us will unwrap our Christmas presents and what better gift than a quality Christian book, one that is filled with sound doctrine. Here is a list of potential books that you could give some family members of friends.

Iain Murray, Revival and Revivalism. A sound panorama of Christian history from 1750-1850 and it will help people to understand the issues that the church faces today. An excellent book, a monument to biblical truth!

Graham Miller, Calvin's Wisdom. An excellent book of pithy quotes from Calvin. An invaluable resource for preachers.

Arthur Bennett, The Valley of Vision. A heart-warming book of Puritan prayers. This teaches us not just to present a list of requests to the Lord but to fill our prayer with thanksgiving praise and adoration for who God is.

Terry Johnson, The Parables of Jesus. This could be used as a basis for Bible study, family devotions or sermon preparation. As ever Johnson is clear, straightforward, accurate and very readable.

Sing Psalms, Free Church of Scotland. A great resource for recovering the singing of metrical Psalms in modern English.

I hope that this whets your appetite for Christmas shopping.

Kevin Bidwell


Unknown said...

Hi Kevin,

I have been at a church in Sheffield for the last couple of years as a student. I recently heard the pastor preach on healing and it was a long way from what my family and I believe. My mother remembers you from preaching on healing at cornerstone in Bromley as many as 15 years ago and remembered you were in Sheffield. What church are you at? and is it faith wordy?
God Bless

Kevin Bidwell said...


Send me an email to and check out the website

It would be great to touch base with you. I am not sure it was me preaching because my contact would have been with BCC. My mobile number is 07954 546487

The church where I have been commissioned is straight-down the line expositional. There are so many wonky teachings out there it is hard to know where to begin, but make contact and I can explain more about solid reformed teaching.