Wednesday 23 March 2011

Back to the Bible!

It seems so obvious that it is almost embarrassing to say it, but it needs to be repeatedly declared: "Back to the Bible". In my life I am constantly surprised by the neglect of biblical commitment and this is seen in many sections of the church. I remember as a young Christian that I recognised that many Christians had a 'pick n mix' attitude to the Scripture and often the Bible was not their first base for Christian ethics, doctrine, and even sermons.

As a new Christian I made a simple vow to the Lord that included two things. Firstly I told the Lord that "I would submit my entire life and every part of my life to the authority of Scripture" and secondly I vowed that "if Scripture convinces me of something that contradicts my opinion, then I will change my opinion to conform to Scripture".

Over the years I have been perplexed by Christians missing the first base: The Bible. As a boy we used to play rounders in the Summer holidays. We would use a tennis racket or a cricket bat and put down four bases. Someone would hit the ball a long way but in their haste they would not run around the outside of the first base and they would be declared out for cheating. Sometimes they would be stumped before they got to first base. Some Christians have not even got to 'first base' which is a wholehearted and total commitment to the authority of Scripture.

Do you submit to the authority of the Bible in its entirety? Are you prepared to change your views where the Bible disagrees with you?

The Lord Jesus Christ often uses this phrase: "Have you never read in the Scriptures?" Matthew 21:42 (also Matthew 12:3, 5; 19:4; 21:42).

Could it be said of you, that 'you have not read' because you have neglected the greatest treasure that this world has to offer?

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