Thursday, 28 April 2011

What Theological or Pastoral Questions do you Have?

I have noticed on the statistics of my blog that there around 500-800 hits each month and people view from the USA to Russia, and from Sweden to Australia. This blog is small compared to many, but it tells me that there is a real interest from some people for some serious answers to theological questions.

If there is a specific theological or pastoral question that you would like an answer to, then post your question to this blog post and I will do my best to answer them. If not, I will continue to plod on, doing my best to see the 'ancient paths' of biblical and reformed theology recovered.

Kevin Bidwell


Stephen said...
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Stephen said...

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for the invitation. Wondering if you could address so-called "limited" atonement. I've sat under a lot of preaching which in order to affirm this, comes close to denying the sufficiency of Christ's death for all. I think it was Owen who said something like "Christ's death would be sufficient for all IF God had so intended it".
How do you hold together an infinite sufficiency of Christ's death (offered to all) with a limited or definite atonement? I've heard people say (including Bob Letham) that it is better to think in terms of the atonement's intent, rather than extent. Would you agree with that, and if so, can we therefore say that in terms of intrinsic value (extent, not intent) Christ's death has paid for the sins of all?
Also, Charles Hodge in his Systematic Theology makes some interesting remarks about the atonement being a judicial rather than pecuniary satisfaction. His approach seems to be a good way of reconciling infinite sufficiency with particular intent, but I wonder whether it may skirt too close to hypothetical universalism for some.
Would be grateful for any thoughts you have on this much-debated topic!

Kevin Bidwell said...


Many thanks for your comment and I am giving thought to it already. It sounds like you have reached a settled position, more or less, but this subject needs to be brought before people time and again. I value your prayer so that I can respond with clarity to win people over to a sound, healthy biblical position on the atonement.


Stephen said...

Thanks Kevin. Not sure I've actually come to a settled position on this, but looking forward to your thoughts (praying too).