Tuesday 5 June 2012

The Puritan Paperback Series

The Banner of Truth have an excellent range of books in their Puritan Paperback Series and I would like to commend these to the readers of this blog. Let me draw your attention to five of them as a kind of 'Puritan starter kit'. Many people in the UK will be thinking of their family holiday and these would provide great holiday reading material.

Thomas Vincent The Shorter Catechism Explained. This gem of a book is known by few and yet is commended as a faithful exposition of the Westminster Shorter Catechism by a host of Puritan divines. The list includes John Owen, Edmund Calamy, Thomas Brooks and Thomas Watson, to name just four. This book will help Christians to understand the intended meaning of the doctrines covered in the Westminster Shorter Catechism.

Hugh Binning, Christian Love. This treatise on practical Christian love should thrill the Christian's heart and challenge their way of life.

Samuel Bolton, The True Bounds of Christian Freedom. For many they have become confused on the place of the law of God for the church or maybe they have fallen into wrong teaching such as the over-emphasis that the Mosaic covenant is primarily a republication of the covenant of works that was given to Adam. This book represents the mainstream theology of the Westminster Assembly by this able Westminster divine. Here is a quote: 'The law sends us to the Gospel for our justification; the Gospel sends us to the law to frame our way of life' (p 11).

John Owen, Communion with God. A majestic classic by Owen.

John Owen, The Mortification of Sin. Some Christians fall into a passive approach to their sanctification, not so John Owen. For those people struggling with habitual sins this could be the exact spiritual medicine that your soul needs.

Enjoy exploring the treasures of British puritanism and pray that we would see a recovery of puritan theology in the UK again.

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