Wednesday 28 January 2015

A Commentary and Sermons on the "Song of Songs" by Richard Brooks

We had a reformation Bible conference recently in Sheffield and Rev. Richard Brooks preached on the Song of Songs. He emphasised that it is the "Song of Songs", that being an idiom for the "Song of all songs" and not simply the "Song of Solomon", even though Solomon was the human author. Richard has a sensible and rich Christological approach to this book and as a faithful EPCEW minister commented to me recently: "If this book is not about our union and communion with Christ, then its place in the Canon does not make sense".

Richard has a commentary on "the Song" as he affectionately refers to this Bible book which is published by Christian Focus. It is now out of print, but you will still find copies if you google, try Amazon and elsewhere.

If you prefer to listen rather than reading, then check out his sermons on the Sheffield Presbyterian website. The link is:

The biblical book of the "Song of Songs" really needs a good healthy spiritual recovery in the church. This book in the wrong hands is a disaster, such as the way Mark Driscoll handled it. However, in the hands and mouths of faithful Christian ministers, it has much to teach concerning Christ and his church.

This is how the bride responds to Christ in this book: "My beloved is radiant and ruddy, distinguished among ten thousand" (5:10). Could you use such language to speak of the Lord Jesus Christ? I hope so!


Andrew Graham said...

Great my Jesus in His person,
Great as God and Man is He,
Great His comeliness and beauty,
White and ruddy
Fair to see
Great that sight, sovereign might,
Throned secure in heaven's height!

Andrew Graham said...
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Kevin Bidwell said...

This is a citation of the third verse of a hymn called "Mighty Christ from time Eternal" in Christian Hymns new edition number 168.

The authors are Titus Lewis and Graham Harrison.