Tuesday 24 February 2015

A Fresh Commentary on the Book of Acts

Evangelical Press have very recently published a new commentary on the Book of Acts by Guy Prentiss Waters. I have begun to read it and I cannot put it down. You may be asking "why is he recommending it, when he has not finished it?". Well, Dr Waters is a trusted guide for the church, as those will know who have read other books by him will agree. He produced a book which has become the definitive guide on the errors of the "Federal Vision" movement.

Guy Waters is one of my favourite contemporary Reformed theologians in the Southern part of the USA. He teaches at RTS Jackson. It is satisfying to read a commentary that is succinct and yet nourishes our soul. As a devotional I recommend this book, not simply as an aid for preachers.

Ps I highly recommend another of his books, the one called "How Jesus Runs the Church".

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