Monday, 27 April 2015

Three pungent, salty and needed sermons for the church today by Jonathan Edwards

It is sad when people study the 18th Century preacher Jonathan Edwards and only learn about abstract things. At the heart of the Edwards' worldview was a Sovereign God who saves sinners, people who are utterly unable to save themselves. It is ridiculous to talk about the beautiful theological mind of this theologian-preacher while missing this central and major point. Anyone who makes such a bold stand for apostolic doctrine will not be popular. For those people who look to Jonathan Edwards as an example, may we never downplay this aspect of his ministry which was his emphasis on the sovereignty of God in salvation and the spiritual ruin of sinful man's condition apart from God.

I would like to recommend three sermons for people to read, for those who want to learn more about Calvinistic gospel doctrine. Also we all need to be refreshed in those old fashioned but biblical truths.

These three sermons are:

1). The Justice of God in the Damnation of Sinners

2). The Excellency of Christ

3). Ruth's Resolution

These are all found in the Works (Volume 1, pp 664-689).

These are a few brief pages of salty gospel doctrines in these sermons and they are like "smelling salts". What do "smelling salts" accomplish? They wake up the sleeping or fainted person! True gospel doctrine does just that; it awakens the church from her slumber and surely this is needed urgently today!

Romans 3:19 "That every mouth may be stopped".

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