Monday 2 November 2015

What are your core values as a Christian?

We all hold inner-values. They are held either consciously or unconsciously, but "core values" shape the way we live our lives. We all have priorities and our use of our time, our money and our passions reveal those priorities. The question to ask and to examine ourselves with is: "do my priorities reflect those of the Scriptures and of my being a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ?". This blog post is intended to be pastoral, in that I want all my readers to ask themselves what their core values are; then secondly to ask if they are biblical. You could even get a sheet of paper and write them down if that helps you.

I want to be frank and transparent in this blog post as I reveal to you my own "core values". These are what shape my daily decisions daily and they form, as it were, a "spiritual compass" for all I do, and with that for my family and all people that I interact with.

My core values are:

1) Seeking first the kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33)

2) Pursuing godliness and contentment (1 Timothy 6:6). This is because the Scripture explains that this is great gain. Aiming for and pursuing godliness and in being spiritually content through the many seasons we walk through, are highly desirable Christian qualities in my opinion.

3). Being committed to the church. Ephesians 5:25 "Christ loved the church and gave himself for her".

These core values are actually my reference points for success or failure in my life. My aim is not be successful in the world's eyes or in the eyes of other Christians, but it is to please the Triune God. These core values are deeply embedded in my whole being. The third core value has become very important to me and this is not because I am a minister of the gospel. Loving the church and giving yourself for her, is an attribute of the Lord Jesus and if I am to walk in his footsteps, then I will want to do the same.

Do you love the church and seek to give yourself for her? I am married with children and our whole household are served by me as their husband and father with these core values. In my view as a dad and husband, I want them to hold not so much my priorities, but the Lord's.

These priorities and core values are: Seeking God first, godliness and giving myself for the church. What are your "core values"? Why not ponder on this, write them down and ask yourself if they are shaped by Scripture or other things instead? Ask yourself if you need to change your core values if they are not in harmony with the explicit revealed will of God in holy Scripture.

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