Tuesday 5 April 2016

Jonathan Edwards Conference 2016: The Glory of God

For the second time in two years, there is a Jonathan Edwards Conference which I warmly commend. I have been reading Edwards for many years and his preaching style could offer valuable "smelling salts" for the church today. Jonathan Edwards was exceptionally clear on the core doctrines of Calvinism, such as total depravity and man's need of salvation.

The website is below if you would like to book. The dates are the 9th-10th June 2016 at the Radisson Blue Hotel in Durham. You can book your place online. Even if you do not come, then do pray for this conference for the Lord's blessing. A potential highlight will be Iain Murray speaking, because he has written a fine biography on the life of Jonathan Edwards. If you have not read this book then I exhort you to do so.


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Bill Schweitzer said...

Looking forward to your ministry at the conference. May the Lord bless it.