Monday 5 September 2016

Some good resources on the Book of Revelation

Revelation 1:1 "The revelation of Jesus Christ ...".

The book of Revelation is often either neglected or greatly misunderstood. John Calvin did not write a commentary on this book and this may have meant some in Reformed circles have downplayed its significance. I was urged by a fellow minister to preach on it, as I considered a new series and I am thankful for that encouragement. I have now begun.

The opening title of Revelation in 1:1 explains the title, it is a book that is all about Jesus Christ. Therefore, who would not be interested in this book? I was wrongly told as a new Christian that eschatology was a secondary matter and yet all the whiles many people considered a complex range of end-time views which seemed to dominate their whole vision of Christianity. How about you? What dominates your main Christian vision? Is it about Jesus Christ, end time events or perhaps even yourself? If your Christian vision is not primarily about the glory of Christ Jesus, then perhaps you need a corrective to your thinking.

Here are a number of resources that you may find very helpful in order to better understand the Book of Revelation.

1. William Hendriksen "More than Conquerors". This is a MUST read for those seeking to grapple with the structure, overview and main purpose of this book.

2.Richard Brooks "Revelation: The Lamb is all the Glory".

3. Philip Edgcumbe Hughes "The Book of Revelation: A Commentary".

Happy reading and as you also read the Book of Revelation remember that the main theme is "the victory of the lamb and the church over the devil and all of Christ's enemies". To God be the glory, Amen.


C Schroeder said...

What? You left out my wife's grandfather's great-uncle's classic - The Book of Revelation by William Milligan DD LLD ?!

(Afraid I haven't read it yet, but Leon Morris in his commentary on Revelation makes reference to Milligan's work, I think.)

Also, the recent addresses by Joel Beeke at Aber 2016 were the precursors of a forthcoming volume on this last book of the Bible.

Final also, Bill's 2011-12 sermon series on Revelation was outstanding.

Looking forward to reading Hendriksen in due course. Thanks for the reminder.

Kevin Bidwell said...

I have begun preaching on Revelation in Sheffield and I think the Christ exalting nature of this book of holy Scripture make it very necessary for us to handle the book, but also rightly. Another book for the list that I could or should have added is Cornelius Venema 'The Promise of the Future". On a slightly different track Jon Fesko's book ''Last Things First'

Jude Kent said...

4. The Puritan Hope by Iain Murray