Friday 28 October 2016

William Tyndale's Definition of the Gospel

William Tyndale writes in his essay called "A Pathway into the Holy Scripture", this powerful definition of the Gospel. (This is found in Volume 1 of the Works of William Tyndale, published by the Banner of Truth, p 8).

“Evangelion (that we call the gospel) is a Greek word; and signifies good, very, glad and joyful tidings, that makes a man heart glad, and makes him sing, dance and leap for joy; as when David killed Goliath the giant, came glad tidings unto the Jews, that their fearful and cruel enemy was slain, and they delivered out of all danger: for gladness whereof, they sung, danced and were joyful. In like manner is the Evangelion of God (which we call Gospel, and the New Testament) joyful tidings … ".

This is the "balm of Gilead" that is spoken of in Jeremiah 8:22. The Lord Jesus Christ is the great physician and we need this message of good news to be preached every Lord's Day to a lost and dying world.

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