Saturday, 5 November 2016

Four Signs of Liberals in Evangelical's Clothing

There was once a time in the 20th Century when the fire of liberalism burned strong. The battle lines were drawn. People knew what the differences between liberals and evangelicals were. Indeed Gresham-Machen wrote a powerful essay called "Christianity and Liberalism". There he asserted that Christianity and liberalism are actually two different religions, and I concur.

However today, liberalism is on the rise again, but now it is within so-called Evangelical circles.

Here are four signs of contemporary liberalism:

1. To believe in evolution, instead of the Bible's account of Creation by the Living God and all in the space of six days.

2. To deny the historic Adam and to assert that he may have been one of the first of some hominids whom the Lord picked. Sadly these strange views concerning Adam have gained remarkable progress and yet those people still want to be called evangelical.

3. To promote women preaching and leading in public worship, contrary to the express teaching of Paul in 1 Timothy and the second chapter. These people get around the Bible by claiming that such a passage is cultural, but this is false. It is a summary statement to represent the whole Bible. Women are not allowed to read the Bible publicly in public worship, to teach or lead men in terms of worship and doctrine.

4. To claim that the 10 commandments are not morally binding for the church and to never mention them.

Psalm 119:105 "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path".


Unknown said...

Is not then the PCA by this definition embracing "contemporary liberalism"? We allow the embracing of contrary views other than #1. Do we not allow the belief in these "strange views concerning Adam"? Do we not allow and embrace such "cultural " views of women in our churches? And are we not guilty in many instances of antinomianism in the understanding of the gospel's impact on our lives? Just wondering.

Kevin Bidwell said...

Thanks for your comment. We cannot generalise about the whole of the PCA. I have many good friends in very good PCA presbyteries in Georgia, Greenville and Mississippi. They do not subscribe to any of the above. However, if churches do subscribe to liberal doctrines that it spells spiritual disaster.
I could have mentioned more worrying signs and antinomianism is one of them. I hope this helps you a little,

Kevin Bidwell