Saturday 23 December 2017

My Top 5 Christian Books for 2017

Here are some books that I have found very helpful in 2017. You might find them spiritually profitable for the coming season.

1. Matthew Henry "A Way to Pray", updated by O. Palmer Robertson.

2. John Owen, "The Glory of Christ", in paperback by Banner of Truth, but also found in Owen's Works.

3. Jacob Licht "Storytelling in the Bible" (This is not written by a Christian, the author is a Jew from the University of Jerusalem, but its subject is of great interest to any Christian who loves the Old Testament, as all Christians should.).

4. Iain Murray "Seven Leaders".

5. James M. Garretson, "A Scribe Well-Trained: Archibald Alexander and the Life of Piety".

Of course the reading of the Bible goes without saying and nothing should replace the time we spend in reading and meditating of Holy Scripture. The books of the Bible which I have found very profitable this year, have been.

1. 1 Samuel

2. The Book of Titus

3. Mark's Gospel

4. Matthew's Gospel

5. The Book of Joshua

Enjoy taking some time out to nourish your soul over this season, while also thinking of the birth and life of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Please put a comment on this blog of Christian books that have helped you this year and give a brief comment why they have been helpful.

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