Monday 23 July 2018

Use the "Search" facility on this Blog

I began this blog around 2008 and there have been many posts since then. There are blog posts and book reviews on this blog which may answer spiritual questions for you.

If you type in your search request, in the top left corner of the front page, then see what comes up. For example, type in a favourite preacher or church group or a specific subject. They could range from:

The Westminster Standards
Are women permitted to preach and hold office as a minister?
The sufficiency of Scripture

Or almost any topic that you are interested in ...

I hope this search facility can help you,

Kevin J Bidwell


The Messmers said...

Dear Dr. Kevin Bidwell,

Greetings. My name is Dr. Andrew Messmer, an American-born theological educator living and ministering in Madrid, Spain. I recently read your “The Church as the Image of the Trinity” A Critical Evaluation of Miroslav Volf’s Ecclesial Model, and benefitted from your arguments. Thank you for your service to the Church.

On page 211 of your work you allude to another work of yours, “The Church’s Diaconal Ministry and the Triune God,” pp. 25-36 where you attempt to systematize the divine attributes in a Trinitarian fashion. I cannot find your work online, so I am asking if you would be willing to send me a copy of your work, or at least of these pages of your work. I look forward to hearing back from you. Kind regards.

Kevin Bidwell said...
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Kevin Bidwell said...

Dr Andrew,
I would be delighted to send you that dissertation. Can you email me through the contact page on ? I can then respond. I am delighted you are in Madrid, are you a minister? Warmly, Kevin Bidwell

The Messmers said...

Done. I look forward to hearing back from you.