Friday 11 January 2019

2020 Reformation Bible Conference, Sheffield

The 2019 conference has just been completed and what a blessing it was! It was a "taste of heaven on earth" with excellent teaching, fellowship and the singing was so strong, I thought that the plaster would come off the ceiling. The newly expanded Hill Top Chapel worked really well, so much so that it is hard to imagine how we coped with the old facility, but I guess that you just do.

If you would like to listen to the talks, they are on the Sheffield Presbyterian Church website and here is the link:

Or you could access them via Sermon Audio as well. Andy Young's talks on "Why Creeds and Confessions" was wonderful, as was his final talk on "The Sacraments". Andy is the minister of the newly planted Oxford Evangelical Presbyterian Church. If you are considering going to University why not choose Oxford or Sheffield and you can come and join the EPCEW churches there and bring your support?

Rick Phillips from Second Presbyterian Church, Greenville in the USA, brought wonderful warm ministry with great Scriptural clarity on the roles of men and women, the sovereignty of God, God the Creator and also a valuable talk on a Christian worldview of dating; most practical.

The Chapel was packed and probably 40% of the room was under 25. We do not aim at young people, but they come and we make no apologies for that. All ages, backgrounds, nationalities and social situations attend, for which we praise God. I explained that though this was the fifth conference it had gone so well that we should consider a sixth conference in 2020. We will discuss this as elders here in Sheffield, but I had people queuing up to urge me to have another conference next year.

For 2020, the dates would be Friday 3rd (11.00am) to Saturday 4th January (finish at 4.00pm) 2020. Please pray for the right speakers and the right topics, for the organisation and for the Lord to bring the right people. It is a free conference hosted by Sheffield Presbyterian Church, and we have an offering to go towards Church planting.

To the Triune God be the glory!

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