Monday 22 October 2012

BBC Radio Interview on the Berlin Church Planting Work

Dear all,

BBC Radio Sheffield rang me up on Friday asking if they could interview me live on Sunday morning regarding our work of church planting in Berlin. Here is the link and scroll to 1:38 to avoid listening to the whole programme. (This is no longer available on the BBC I-Player to be listened to)

Be gracious with me as you listen. This interview was live and I had no idea what questions I would be asked except that it would be about the work in Berlin. She has interviewed me twice before and that helps to build a rapport.

In the work of the gospel,

Kevin Bidwell

PS Please continue to pray for our work in Sheffield and now also Berlin.
Pps It is only available on the website for the next 6 days.


étrangère said...

Hi Kevin, good interview - sympathetic and interesting questions, and great response. Do you - or the Berlin guys - know the Reformation 2 Germany folk? Sounds similar, just linked to different side of the pond. Worth connecting if not already.

Kevin Bidwell said...

Hi there, thanks for your interest and question. Yes, we know Sebastian Heck in Germany and some of the people whom he knows. It is encouraging to know that the work of recovering confessional Christianity is slowly beginning in different parts of Germany.
Your prayer for Germany is sincerely welcomed.

Kevin B